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Top 5 Quick Bites In Tobago

Welcome to my blog, where I invite you to dive into the tempting world of quick bites - those delightful bursts of flavour that keep up with our fast-paced lives.


Join me as I become your culinary companion on a swift tour of the city's gastronomic landscape. Consider me as your guide to the top 5 quick bites, unravelling the secrets of popular hangouts and hidden gems where convenience meets delectable indulgence. My mission is to unearth and share the most extraordinary quick bites that set your taste buds into a joyful dance, ranging from vibrant street food stalls to trendy food trucks dishing out inventive snacks.


Come along as I navigate the bustling city streets in pursuit of the perfect fusion of deliciousness and speed, all neatly wrapped up in a bite-sized package. Prepare for a flavourful rollercoaster ride, exploring the world of quick bites that promise to satisfy your on-the-go cravings. Welcome to the ultimate fast-food experience, where each flavour is a swift and gratifying journey in itself.

1) Skewers

Milford Road, Bon Accord, Tobago

Middle Eastern Grill: A unique fusion of Arabic cuisine with a mouth-watering taste of Trinidad. The only restaurant in Tobago that is 100% halal and has been approved by the official halaal government in Trinidad and Tobago. Be sure to try my favourite, the Garlic Chicken. 

2) Roosters

Shirvan Plaza, Crown Point, Tobago

Fast Food Restaurant: A Tobago's very own Fast Food Restaurant and Chicken Joint. My favourite thing is the Chicken Rings but the Rotisserie chicken is also great. 

3) Crab & Dumpling 

Store Bay Beach Facility, Crown Point, Tobago

Local Cuisine: Tucked away in Crown Point, the local cuisine offers a wide variety of flavours, ranging from sweet to savoury to spicy. The delectable "Crab & Dumpling," Tobago's national dish, is prepared to absolute perfection with seasonings and spices and is a must-try. The curry, made with sweet local manicou crabs and flavoured with coconut milk, is a dish that the locals are justifiably proud of. It is served with dumplings made of cornmeal and flour. Be sure to check out Miss Trims Foods.

4) Waves Restaurant & Bar

Old Grafton Road, Black Rock, Tobago

Restaurant: Allow the sun and salty breeze of Waves Restaurant and Bar to transport your meal beyond the typical. Tobago's best waterfront dining establishment is called Waves. Whatever your mood, there are plenty of delicious options on our menus. The only fine dining restaurant located on the southern tip of the island of Tobago, overlooking Stonehaven, Mount Irvine, and Great Courlan Bays. Renovated recently, Waves Restaurant + Bar features a modern decor and a redesigned menu featuring seafood, steaks and kid-friendly selections. My favourite dish is the Quinoa Bowl with Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Tenders, both worth the wait. 

5) Pepe Pizza

Milford Road, Crown Point, Tobago

Pizza Restaurant: Offers salads, pasta dishes, appetisers, and pizzas with a regional twist to satisfy both meat and vegetarian enthusiasts. 

Insider Tip: Although pepper sauce on pizza may seem strange, try it to add some sure to try the “Aloha” Pizza.


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