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Welcome To Tobago!

We very much hope that your stay at the Lauren Taylor Villa will be both enjoyable and memorable. We hope that the following information will be useful to you during your visit.

CHECK IN: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM    CHECK OUT: 11:00 AM


The router is located in the living and the user name and password is listed on the device.

User Name: AP Lauren Taylor

Password: nopassword

Instructions: Search the network name, select the network, enter the password

Fire Extinguishers

There is one unit in the kitchenlocated to the right of the refrigerator above the counter.

First Aid Kit

There is a First Aid Kit located in the double high grey cupboard in the kitchen.


There is a large covered 2 car garage for your use and also on the left and right entrance driveways to the villa.

Noise Levels

Whilst we want you to have a fabulous visit, we ask you to limit the noise level after 11:00 pm in respect for our neighbours.

Useful Numbers


Should you require any emergency assistance during your visit, these are the local facilities.

Tobago Plantations Security


Coast Guard


Air Ambulance

(Trinidad based Aero Jet International)


(Tobago County Hospital)


Keys & Security

You have been provided with a set of house keys from our host. Keys for the front and rear patio doors are labeled and included on this bunch. We kindly ask that upon leaving the home at ANY TIME that you lock all doors.

Security Safes

There is a safe installed in the Master 1, Fountain View Suite in the cupboard to secure your valuables. There is a key provided and installed in each safe for your use and return.


To open the safe - Insert the key and turn the key and the lock inwards at the same time! Open the safe door and insert items, remove key, and turn lock.

House Information


We accept that breakages and accidents happen. We kindly ask that you notify us immediately of any breakage or damage, so that we may swiftly replace the item for the duration of your stay and for the next guests.


We have fully stocked the kitchen with possible every item that you may require on your vacation. We ask that you replace the items back in the same location after use .


Bath Towels are for the use of all guests and have been placed in the bathrooms. Beach towels are stored in each Bedroom for your use.


We kindly ask that these towels are NOT USED outside the property. Please place all used towels on the bathroom floor on departure.

Air Conditions

We ask that when not in use that the units are switched off. Please close all doors and windows when in use, especially the doors to the patio.

Outside Furniture

The furniture is there for your use and enjoyment. We ask that the furniture is not removed from any room of thevilla, nor the pool deck and the umbrella is retracted when not in use.

External Lights

The external Garden, Security, Pool, and Fountain lights are all hooked up to automatically switch on from 6pm to 6am.


The pool is serviced regularly by our team members. But should the wind blow any leaves into the water there is a new pool net and pole located to the rear of the pool gazebo that can be used to remove any unwanted items.

POOL DEPTH: 4 ft. on the rims and 6 ft. max depth.


There is a Sprinkler system that automatically comes on at 10pm and 6am daily.


The Compound Gardeners operate daily and access to the villa is NOT REQUIRED. The utmost care will be taken to not disturb your vacation.

Food Waste

Please dispose of all food waste using standard garbage bags. The Villa’s waste location is upon the platform at either side of the driveway entrances.

Please remove all food items upon your departure.


Sonos Pill

This Portable speaker can be connected to your mobile phone/Ipad/computer.


- Switch on the Sonos Pill (Button on rear of unit).

- Press the bluetooth icon and connect to your mobile devise.

Battery normally lasts 4 hours.


The charging cable is provided and it usually takes an hour to charge.

PS: It can be operated while charging.

Smart Televisions

All the Televisions have been connected to the Villas Wifi and pre loaded with NETFLIX. All TVS have the facility to access further APPS of your choosing or that you may already subscribe to, such as Amazon Prime of Disney Plus.


It is important to replace the remotes in the holders after use as they are easily misplaced. Should any remote require fresh batteries, please let us know, as we have in stock.

BBQ Grill & Outdoor Stove

Savour the outdoors with our BBQ grill and outdoor stove! Ignite culinary delights on the grill, preheating for even perfection.

For a change of scenery, fire up the stove and cook al fresco.

Safety first:

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, use long tools, and clean up after each feast. Your villa experience just got a taste of the extraordinary!


Embark on two-wheeled adventures with our complimentary bicycles. Cruise through scenic pathways, explore nearby attractions, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride around the villa.

Remember to wear helmets, follow local traffic guidelines, and cherish the freedom our bikes offer for a delightful experience.


Happy cycling!

Table Tennis/Badminton/Outdoor Chess

Enjoy the diverse recreational amenities our villa offers!


Challenge friends to thrilling table tennis matches on our well-maintained tables, equipped with quality paddles and balls. For badminton enthusiasts, our marked courts are ready for action with quality shuttlecocks and rackets. If a more strategic game is your preference, engage in a battle of wits on our outdoor chess board.


Remember to follow safety guidelines, respect equipment, and embrace the communal spirit of these leisure activities. Have fun, stay active, and make the most of your villa experience!


Dive into relaxation at our pristine pool! Whether you're seeking a refreshing swim or lounging by the water, our pool provides the perfect oasis.


Please adhere to safety rules, including no diving in shallow areas, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.


Have a splashing good time!

Board Games

Elevate your leisure time with our curated collection of board games! 


Unwind in the villa's common areas with the board games in the cupboard by the door to go into the backyard. Just grab a game, gather around family and friends, and let the good times roll!

Activities & Eating Out

Please visit our web site at for a full list of activities within the Tobago Plantations resort and the owner’s hot picks for the "Must Sees" whilst you are in Tobago.

Things To Do In Tobago Plantations
Dining Options
Island Experiences

Our Service Team

We don’t expect anything to go wrong during our visit, but if it does, here are our service team , so you know who will come knocking on your door to lend a helping hand.

GillianConybear 2.jpg

Your Super Host: 

Gillian Connybear – 481 – 5986

- Daily Housekeeper - Falimia

- Gardner – Ronald “Buddy”

- Plumber – Sean Dove

- Electrician – Troy St Hillarie/ Baines

- Pool – Randall Rostant/Jason

- Air condition – Marlon Jones

- Internet – Ruiz

Departure Summary



- Place all used towels on the bathroom floors.

- Remove all rubbish from the trash receptacles.

- Fill the Dishwasher with Used wares and switch on to clean same.

- Remove all unwanted items from the fridge and freezer.

- Turn off all Air-conditions and lights.

- Close and lock all windows and doors.

We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you soon!
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