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Top 5 Restaurants In Tobago

Embarking on a culinary journey to explore and savour the finest flavours, my blog will serve as a delectable guide to the top 5 restaurants in the island. With my insatiable passion for gastronomy, I aim to share my first-hand experiences and expert insights on these culinary havens that tantalize taste buds and redefine the art of dining.


From hidden gems with unique culinary fusions to iconic establishments boasting rich histories, my blog will be a curated celebration of the diverse and exquisite offerings that make these restaurants stand out. Join me on this flavourful adventure as I explore the culinary tapestry of the city's dining scene, one dish at a time. Get ready to indulge in a symphony of tastes that will leave you craving for more.


Welcome to the ultimate guide to the top 5 restaurants, where every bite tells a story of culinary excellence and unparalleled dining experiences.

The Seahorse Inn Restaurant Bar_Logo_17.jpg
1) Sea Horse Inn

Old Grafton Road, Black Rock, Tobago

Fine Dining Restaurant: Indulge in the delights of delicious seafood, savour premium ingredients, and explore an impressive wine and cocktail list—all available at this restaurant. Imagine enjoying private outdoor dining beneath the stars right by the beach. Revel in an excellent wine list, a diverse bar selection, award-winning cuisine, and impeccable service—all within the enchanting backdrop of a tropical setting. It's no wonder this place is frequently spotlighted in foreign media. Locals and visitors alike consider it the best restaurant in Tobago, a true "must-do" when on the island. Be sure to make a reservation and arrive early, as the experience is one, you'll want to repeat. And if you visit between March and September, you might even witness the mesmerizing sight of leatherback turtles nesting. Jason, the manager, always gives me impeccable services. My favourite meal is the crab cakes.

2) La Tartaruga

Buccoo Main Road, Buccoo, Tobago

Fine Dining Restaurant: Step into the culinary haven that is La Tartaruga, Tobago's unrivalled Italian dining destination, paying homage to the majestic leatherback turtles that grace the nearby shores during their egg-laying rituals. This blog-worthy establishment offers a diverse menu featuring the finest in Italian cuisine, boasting fresh seafood, homemade pasta, tempting vegetarian options, and an impressive array of Italian wines. La Tartaruga takes pride in their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a gastronomic experience like no other. Whether you choose the cosy indoor ambiance or the refreshing outdoors, you're in for a treat with menu highlights including delectable gelato, flavourful homemade pasta, and mouth-watering offerings of fish and rock lobsters. Since 2002, La Tartaruga has consistently earned the esteemed Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence, a testament to their dedication to providing a superb wine selection. With over 200 Italian wine options on their list, featuring prominent regions like Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, and Sicily, La Tartaruga beckons all food enthusiasts on a journey through the rich flavours of Italy right in the heart of Tobago. My favourite thing to order is the handmade pasta in any form or fashion. 

3) Brown Cow

199 Milford Road, Crown Point, Tobago

Restaurant: Picture this - an enchanting proposal for a star-studded dinner experience. Enter the realm of the island's finest sushi at this intimate twenty-four-seat restaurant, where native dinner fare takes inspiration from global concepts and ideas. Brown Cow, beyond just offering delectable lunches and kid-friendly meals, elevates the dining experience with afternoon tea, enticing dessert menus, and a special Makimono/Sushi extravaganza on Sundays and Mondays. It's not just a meal; it's a culinary journey that invites you to savour the best of global influences while indulging in the artistry of sushi excellence, with proximity to the airport. Everything on the menu is great, my only complaint is that you can’t eat everything at once. 

4) Fish Pot

Pleasant Prospect, Black Rock, Tobago

Fine Dining Restaurant: Embark on a daily seafood adventure at The Fish Pot, a local favourite, where the freshest catch from the island waters is expertly prepared for your dining pleasure. The inviting and laid-back ambiance of this culinary haven sets the perfect stage for an unforgettable experience. As you savour each bite, you'll be transported to a culinary paradise by the inventive fusion of regional and global flavours, creating a symphony of taste that makes every visit to The Fish Pot a delightful escape into the world of delectable seafood delights. My favourite thing is the grilled fish of the day. I also like that you can see the chef walking through with the fresh catch to cook. 

5) Cafe Havana

73 Bacolet Street, Scarborough, Tobago

Fine Dining Restaurant: Discover a dining oasis at this picturesque restaurant, where open verandas invite cool breezes and unveil panoramic views of the secluded Sandy Bay and lush gardens. For the discerning food enthusiast, a myriad of dining options awaits, showcasing an eclectic fusion of Asian-Cuban cuisine and an array of expertly crafted regional and international dishes. Every bite is complemented by refreshing cocktails designed to quench your thirst, creating a culinary symphony that transforms your dining experience into a harmonious blend of flavours against the backdrop of serene landscapes. This is the restaurant of Bacolet Beach Club, with a great outdoor dining experience. My favourite thing is the Roto or Pelau. 


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