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The perfect location to mix business with pleasure.

Luxury modern interiors with specious accommodation open up to a beautiful pool deck with a view of blue crystal ocean water right in front of you. Shandison Villa Tobago is known for its exquisite interior with its very own sea pool deck and private swimming pool to truly enjoy breathtaking views of the horizon. With world class facilities, your holiday at Shandison Villa is truly a must experience in your lifetime!


⁃ Min stay 4 nights at full price. 

⁃ Additional surcharge fee for large gatherings Price per 0-50 guests ,standard price of $25,000* exclusive of Tobago Plantations Limited special event security and parking fee of $5,000.00.

⁃ 51 to 100 max numbers $30,000* exclusive of Tobago Plantations Limited special event security and parking fee of $5,000.00.

⁃ Special event damage deposit of TTD $5,000.00.

⁃ Penalty for over capacity. Immediate cessation of the venue and forfeiture of any deposit and no refund of event charge. 

*General rules* for wedding/ special events only:

- Guest/ wedding planner, must supply an event floor plan, to the property manager for approval, prior to the erection of event decorations on site. 

- Use and location of generator, decorative stage or any other imported structured to be agreed with the property manager. 

- Ie no power connections to home (music /lights) without property managers express approval. 

- Nothing to be installed on the sea pool wooden deck without prior approval of the property manager. * to be shown on the design layout. 

- Time to start assembly of wedding decorations Ie 8:00 am. Event must come to a close at 12:00 midnight prompt as per Tobago Plantations Limited rules. 

- All decorations to be removed one day before the registered check out time. At the time of check out the location must be restored to the same condition as before the rental.

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